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EVE Online Guides by MMOGameGuide

For anyone who is looking for a one-stop source of high-end EVE Online strategies, this guide pack offered at is highly recommended.

This EVE Online guide pack consist of 5 guides which highlights must-know tips for mining, PvP, ships, ISK-making and much more.
EVE Online Billionaire ISK Guide

If you want to make heaps of ISK and make them fast, then you shouldn't go without this EVE Online Billionaire ISK guide.

Featured in the guide are unique methods to earn lots of cash, from enhancing the common ways to advanced ISK-making strategies.

User submitted guides and tools

This is a brand new section for hosting user guides and tools who don't have their own website or don't want to fork out the cost of setting up a website, or just plain want a mirror for their guide - tool - spreadsheet.

If you are interested in hosting a guide on then send me an ingame evemail with the details. You will get your very own access to a portion of eve-guides where you can upload and keep up-to-date your own guide - tool or spreadsheet.

The cost to you is absolutely nothing, no catches at all. So why offer such a service I hear you ask, well, there are loads and loads and LOADS of spreadsheets and tools available to eve-online users which are scattered all over Eve forums. It is my long term aim to get a page (this page) updated with the majority of the spreadsheets and tools and have them all handily linked in one place, whilst at the same time offering those without their own websites a place where they can upload/download and be responsible for.

What makes this different to Eve-files I hear you ask? Well, not a lot, apart from you have control of your own webspace and the guides and tools hosted here will be displayed on this page (further down). You can in effect use it as a mirror to your guide/tool/spreadsheet, it doesn't have to just be here.

If you want to sign up for your own webspace to host your spreadsheet, tool or guide then there are certain rules you must abide by, these are:

To sign up for your own webspace:

A file will be put on your webspace which links to this page, remove that file and you will lose your link.

User submitted Tools - Guides and Spreadsheets