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Tech III Production

There are several steps to Tech III production but before we go into those a quick word about the only available Tech III ships from the Apocrypha expansion.

Strategic Cruisers are currently the only available Tech III ships. Each ship is comprised of a hull and 5 subsystems, you MUST have the subsystems fitted to the ship to be able to fly it, the hull alone is about as much use as a car without wheels.

So with that in mind the follow sections have been split into several major parts, the manufacturing of the hull and the subsystem manufacturing.

The Complete start to finish Tech III process

  1. Mine gas in WH space
  2. React the mined gas in a POS Polymer Reactor Array to create Hybrid Polymers
  3. Shoot Sleeper NPCs and salvage the wrecks
  4. Combine Hybrid Polymers + Sleeper salvage to make Tech III Components
  5. Get Ancient Relics, decryptors and datacores from Mag/Radar sites in WH space
  6. Using a POS experimental lab (or caldari outpost), reverse engineer the relics to get Tech III - 3 run BPCs of Hulls/Subsystems
  7. Make the Hulls/Subsystems in a Subsystem Assembly Array (or amarr outpost)

For a more detailed breakdown see the links below:


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Reverse Engineering to get Hull & Subsystem BPCs
Manufacturing the hull and subsystems