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Reverse Engineering (updated with Apoc 1.3 changes)

Reverse Engineering (RE) is *the* big thing in Tech III production.

The sole purpose of RE is to get Hull and Subsystem BPCs for the strategic cruisers.

To be able to perform RE you will require a POS with an Experimental Lab or access to a Caldari Outpost. You cannot do RE in normal NPC stations. An Experimental Lab will anchor in high sec.

Each reverse engineering job will take 1 hour to complete.

Update - We have had confirmation from a CCP dev that training the skills higher will effect the outcome of the reverse engineering job. There are 3 different categories of Ancient Relics, these are Intact, Malfunctioning and Wrecked and it's quite clear from the results I have had that they all have different degrees of success attached to them (intact = best chance and wrecked = worst chance). Reverse Engineering Intact relics is much more reliable than those wrecked ones, currently I have had a very high success rate of Intacts and not yet a single success off a wrecked relic.

Skills required to perform RE

Additional skill requirements to perform the actual reverse engineering on the relic are listed after the bracketed requirements of the Subsystem Technology skills.

Reverse Engineering (requires science 5, Metallurgy 4 and Research 4)
Offensive Subsystem Technology (requires Research 5, Science 5, Engineering 5, High Energy Physics 4) plus Plasma Physics 1
Propulsion Subsystem Technology (requires Research 5, Science 5, Engineering 5, Graviton Physics 4) plus Rocket Science 1
Electronic Subsystem Technology (requires Research 5, Science 5, Electronics 5, Electronic Engineering 4)
Engineering Subsystem Technology (requires Research 5, Science 5, Engineering 5, High Energy Physics 4) plus Quantum Physics 1
Defensive Subsystem Technology (requires Science 5, Nanite Engineering 4, Electronics 5) plus Hydromagnetic Physics 1

Reverse engineering Hull Relics do not require any new special skills.

Materials needed to perform RE

A Sleeper Relic
Racial Hybrid tech Decryptors
Subsystem Engineering Datacores mixed with normal Invention datacores
R.A.M.- Hybrid technology
All the above materials with exception to the normal datacores are available in Wormhole space at exploration sites or bought off the market.

The Racial Hybrid Tech Decryptor determines the race the BPC will be, so if you use a caldari Decryptor then on a successful RE attempt the BPC will be of Caldari design.

The Ancient relic type does not seem to determine any particular outcome it appears to be random. For instance I used the same Malfunctioning relic on 2 jobs and the outcome were 2 different subsystem BPCs.

All items above are consumed by the RE job (it's not like invention where the interface isn't consumed). There are varying degrees of success (maybe, awaiting confirmation by CCP that the outcome equation hasn't been altered in Apoc 1.3), if you aren't successful then you may get back a datacores, a decryptor or the hybrid tech and then there's the utter failure where you completely fail and get nothing at all. If you use "intact" relics there's a chance you may get a wrecked relic back from a failed RE attempt.

An Intact Relic yields a 20-run BPC.

A Malfunctioning Relic yields a 10-run BPC.

A Wrecked Relic yields a 3-run BPC.

With Apocrypha 1.1 there are now 4 types of Subsystems for each category, so to get a specific subsystem is now harder as you can only determine which type you are going to get if successful. See the chart below to see which relic you should be using to get which subsystem:

Relic type RE Outcome Type
Armor Nanobot Defensive Subsystem
Electromechanical Component Electronics Subsystem
Power Cores Engineering Subsystem
Thruster Sections Propulsion Subsystem
Weapon Subroutines Offensive Subsystem
Hull Section Ship Hull section

Watch the video on reverse engineering here