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Making a Hybrid Polymer Reaction

Lets take a Polymer reaction "Fulleroferrocene" as an example

The reaction blueprint is as below

fulleroferrocene reaction blueprint

To make this we require 1,000 units of Tritanium per cycle (per hour), 200 units of Fullerite-C50 gas per cycle and 100 units of Fullerite-C60 gas per cycle.

Fullerite C50 and C60 gases are mined in gas cloud sites (Ladar sites) in Wormhole space.

To make this reaction we require a POS/Starbase with at least the following equipment:

The total CPU and power needed for the above reaction is 1500CPU 125,000MW (Reactor) 250CPU 50,000MW (Polymer Silo) 500CPU 100,000MW (2 Biochem Silos) and 500CPU 50,000 MW for normal silo which in total is 2,750CPU and 325,000MW.

In conclusion you could do the above using a medium comtrol tower but will not have any room for defenses or other structures, so a large control tower is the recommendation.

Setting Up

Hopefully if you have done it correctly the input/output boxes should "stick" (stay where you put them) and the reactor should start up. It may take 2 hours for the output silo to show your reacted product Fulleroferrocene.

Watch the video on how you make Polymers.