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EVE Online Guides by MMOGameGuide

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EVE Online Billionaire ISK Guide

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Manufacturing and Blueprints

Manufacturing Index


So you want to get into manufacturing?

Well it's like this, if you was to manufacture anything without first researching the market, you may as well send all your ISK to me. Yep give me all your ISK, now you might be thinking I've lost it here but I haven't. It's a stark lesson to start building and then find out you can't sell it because the market is saturated with the item you have made.

Also there seem to be people in the world of EVE that think if you mine the minerals needed to build an item that the minerals are free. When this happens you may find items are selling for less than you can actually build them for. Remember mining your own resources costs you time, you need to get "paid" for that time, so when you build an item and you mined the materials make sure you add that into the final costing.

So number 1 golden rule to becoming a manufacturer is to find a marketable item in a region which is in short supply. I cannot stress enough the importance of market research before you start building.

Market Hubs and .01 ISK traders

Stay away from market hubs like Jita and Rens unless you plan on playing the .01 ISK game. What I mean by that is we have a whole arena of people whose sole purpose is to sit in the markets and undercut the lowest selling price, in order to sell their own products before anyone else. This is absolutely rampant in trade hubs, trade hubs are great for buying in, as the prices tend to get pushed down to their lowest but they are a nightmare and probably the worst place to sell anything at.

Starting out in manufacturing

I can't really advise you that much because EVE can be a very hostile place in the markets, I call it market PVP :) but what I will do is tell you how I started out manufacturing.

I found an out of the way system that was populated with about 40-50 people during peak times. I studied the markets for basic items (tech 1) which were missing from the market and that a person fitting a new ship might need. Things like MWDs, Afterburners, shield boosters, armour repairers, guns, missile launchers and most importantly ammo, everyone needs these items in EVE.

Remember not everyone in EVE is a veteran and there will always be new players that still require Tech I items.

If you want to aim higher then look at ships, it's also worth noting that if you can find a mission hub (a place with a lot of agents from which a lot of players use) that you can sell all kinds of ships from Battleships to frigates.

So build basic necessity items in mission hubs is my advice, especially ammo and lastly on this subject, if you want to see where I used to build when I started out go visit a place called Ghesis.

Manufacturing an item

Every manufacturing job requires a set amount of things, these are:

To put on a manufacturing job simply have all the items in your hangar, in a station with a factory slot and right click the blueprint and select manufacture. The rest is straight forward in checking you have the correct items and accepting the job.

Once your job is complete, open the Science & Industry window, click jobs tab then Get Jobs and select the job or jobs which show as ready and click deliver.

Do not cancel a manufacturing job, you will get back the blueprint but you will lose ALL the materials if the job is cancelled.