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Fix for not being able to see your own corp standings

I took it upon myself to figure out why the standings do not show up on the corp-politics-standing screens, I knew from conversations and forum posts that deleting the cache fixed the problem, so I knew where to start.

Firstly cache locations.... these were changed a while back so they are now stored in a users profile.

On Vista the path is

c:\users\username\Appdata\local\ccp\eve\not_sure_what_this_bit_is\cache\Machonet\IP Address\folder number

On XP the path is

c:\documents and settings\username\local settings\application data\CCP\eve\not_sure_what_this_bit_is\cache\Machonet\IP Address\folder number

Replace username with whatever your login name is

Replace not_sure_what_this_bit_is with the only folder in the eve folder, I think this is made up from the drive letter where eve is installed + foldername + character name + server, so in my case it was f_eveonline_braaage_tranquility

Replace IP Address with the IP address of your computer

Replace folder number with the folders which are in the ip address folder.

Now when I got down to the folder number folders I noticed several lots, I deleted all except the highest number as all these folders appeared to store the same files, so I took this as a cache repository.

In the highest numbered cache folder are 3 other folders CachedObjects, MethodCallCachingDetails and CachedMethodCalls.

It is CachedMethodCalls which we are interested in.

Inside this folder are files which appear to store a hex address type filename plus .cache as the extension.

The Fix

Make sure you close EVE-Online program before doing this.

Delete 5a3f.cache, 8d5c.cache and 43f9.cache from the CachedMethodCalls folder and restart EVE, after restarting you will be able to see your own corp standings on the corp button.

It would seem that after you have cleared those files initially it will automatically update from then on.

If you do not have the above 3 named files in the CachedMethodCalls folder then it is safe to delete the entire contents of the Machonet folder which does not store any user settings.