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I have updated this page to cover the Apocrypha changes. All the silo pictures where you can see a red heading have been changed or in the Hybrid Polymers silo it's new.

The intention of this section is to show you what each type of silo is used for and what each one can hold.

ALL silos can be used in high sec space.

I'll start with a general description:

General Silo Information

Normal Silo

This silo is the most widely used, it is mainly used for holding moon harvester minerals.

A moon harvester can output into a silo or direct into a reactor.

When using a reactor to mix tech II materials the silo can hold the materials being mixed (or come straight from a reactor) and the mixed material itself (output of the reactor).

Coupling Arrays

A coupling array can be used as an intermediate holding space between structures and silos. It can be used instead of a silo but it doesn't hold anywhere near as much as a silo does.

The coupling array holds everything that a Normal Silo holds, it does not hold anything else from any other silo.

Click on a picture below to show what each silo holds:

Normal Silo     Hybrid Polymers Silo
Hybrid polymers Silo


General Silo Catalyst Silo Biochemical Silo Hazardous Chemical Silo