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FAQ about POS Refining Arrays

This section is all about POS Refineries, it isn't about refineries in stations or outposts.

Q - How many POS refineries are there?
A - 3 - the Intensive Refining Array, Medium Intensive Refining Array and the Refining Array

Q - What's the difference between each array?
A - See below
Name Capacity Max refining amount Refining Time Power required CPU required
Intensive Refining Array 200,000 m3 75% 10,800 seconds 750,000 mw 4,000 tf
Medium Intensive Refining Array 25,000 m3 75% 5,400 seconds 375,000 mw 2,000 tf
Refining Array 40,000 m3 35% 3,600 seconds 100,000 mw 700 tf

Explanation:- The capacity is the storage for the materials to be refined, so for ice you can only refine 40 in the refining array, 25 in the Medium Intensive but a good 200 in the Intensive Refining Array. The refining time is how long the refinery takes from starting to refining the end product so whilst the Refining array is quickest and the Intensive is the longest they are offset by the amount you can refine in a single process.

Q - Do my skills boost the Max refining amount?
A - Yes and no, to refine ICE at 100% efficiency you will require Ice Processing Level 1, there is no way to refine ore or rogue drone loot above the max refining amount, you will always have 25% waste (65% waste on the Refining Array).

Q - Wait what's this about ice refining at 100%?
A - The refineries are able to refine ice at 100% which is above the max refining amount cap. To do this the person starting the refining process on the structure needs to have at least Ice Processing L1.

Q - What's the highest sector you can anchor refining arrays in?
A - 0.3 and below, you cannot anchor them in 0.4 and above sectors.

Q - How many different types of ice/ore can I refine in 1 go?
A - 1, you cannot put in say veldspar and kernite, the structure will only let you put in 1 type of ice/ore/rogue drone loot in any one go.

Q - Can I reprocess/refine modules or other loot?
A - No, only Ice, Ore or Rogue drone loot can be refined in a POS refining array.

Q - How does the whole process work?
A - Anyone with the right roles can fill the refinery with the Ice, Ore or rogue drone loot. The materials go into the refining array itself and not into a corp hangar or any other structure. When full, the person refining comes to the refining array, right clicks on it and chooses to start the process. The person starting the process should have the relevant skills to boost the refining outcome to the maximum refining amount (in the table above). When the refining time (in the above table) has passed the ore/ice/rogue loot is replaced in the refinery with the refined material.

Tip: POS Refining arrays are out-dated, since the Rorqual came into EVE the POS refinery is really only useful for refining Ice. You will always get 25% waste refining ore and rogue drone loot, so take it from me, get a Rorqual or ship the ore back to a refining station via haulers because the POS array is pretty hard on you otherwise.