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Anchoring POS guns /arming a POS

Since the release of Revelations II all POS weaponry has to be anchored outside the POS forcefield.  This creates an interesting dilemma as to where to anchor guns and EW.  It's not the role of this website to tell you what is best and where to put weaponry to have the best effect.  All I will say is that really you need at least 2 sets of guns at opposite ends of the POS shield.

The reason I say that is that quick fire beams, projectiles and hybrids have short ranges if you leave just one set an attacking force can quite easily avoid the short range guns by warping in at the furthest point away.

Q - Where do I put guns or EW structures?
A - 5,000m on the Outside of the POS force field and not any further away than an additional 10,000m or for a large Control Tower within 50km of the control tower itself but no closer than 40km.

A little diagram to explain better

Q - Can the guns be shot at?
A - Yes, when 1% structure of the gun is damage it becomes incapacitated

Q - How do I get an incapacitated gun back working?
A - Heal the 1% damaged structure and ALL armour.

Q - What size ammo goes in what gun (doesn't apply to missiles)?
A - The ammo is a size UP from the gun, so a Large gun uses XL ammo, Medium gun uses L ammo, Small gun uses M ammo.

Q - Can I put in ammo when it's online or can I only do it when it's anchored?
A - You can put ammo in a gun when it is anchored (but not before it's anchored), when it is onlining and when it has onlined

A small video to show how to anchor and put in ammo on guns, there really isn't much to it.