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POS FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What does POS stand for?
A - Player Owned Starbase or Player Owned Structure

Q - What is a POS?
A - A player owned structure can be comprised of several market purchased structures. You have to start with the nucleus of a POS and that's the Control Tower. The control tower gives off all the power to drive all the other structures, so without this your POS quite simply isn't going to work at all.  A POS is not a station, you cannot dock at a POS, it's simply floating structures in space.

Q - What can I do with a POS?
A - A POS can be used for allsorts of jobs from Moon Harvesting for Tech II materials, to constructing Capital Ships such as Motherships or Titans, it can be used to perform research on Blueprints or simply sit in space to hold sovereignty.

Q - Can anyone own a POS and run one?
A - No only players in a player run corporation can put up a POS.

Q - Do I require any roles in the corp to run a POS?
A - Yes:
  • Starbase Defense operator - required to use POS guns
  • Starbase Fuel Technician - role used to allow drop in of fuel only
  • Config Starbase Equipment - master POS role - can do everything (including the above)

Q - What skills do I need to run a POS?
A - Anchoring level 3 - most structures only require Anchoring L1

Q - What skills do I need to be a POS gunner (take control of POS guns)?
A - See here

Q - Can I put a POS up in high security space?
A - If your corporation has high enough FACTION standing yes...
To elaborate on this..... to anchor a POS in
0.4 your CORPORATION has to have 4.0 EMPIRE FACTION standing
0.5 your CORPORATION has to have 5.0 EMPIRE FACTION standing
0.6 your CORPORATION has to have 6.0 EMPIRE FACTION standing
0.7 your CORPORATION has to have 7.0 EMPIRE FACTION standing

Q - How do I get Empire Faction standing to increase?
A - Only 2 ways that I know of to increase Empire Faction standing, first is to slaughter (and I mean slaughter) rats (NPC pirates) that the Empire your wanting to increase standing to hates.  The other is to run missions in that space and eventually you will get storyline missions.  It is these storyline missions that increase FACTION Standing.

Q - Does running a POS cost ISK?
A - A POS requires fuel to keep online and running this can cost as much as 500Million ISK every 6 months for a small to medium POS and much more for a large POS.

Q - What's the point of moon mining?
A - Ore mined from a moon is refined and mixed (using a reactor array) into Tech II minerals and used to manufacture Tech II components which in turn make Tech II items.

Q - What is Reinforced Mode?
A - When a POS's Control Tower loses 75% shields it goes into reinforced mode, at this point the Control Tower is invulnerable to any and all damage types so long as the fuel (Strontium Clathrates) supports it.

Reinforced mode is in place so a POS owner doesn't have to be online 24/7 with the worry that when he logs off to sleep a load of "other side of the world people" don't log on and blow it up.

The fuel for reinforced mode is only used when the Control Tower enters this state. When reinforced mode is in effect a timer appears on the control tower which is a countdown. All structures requiring CPU will automatically go offline when a control tower enters reinforced mode. When this countdown reaches 0 the strontium clathrates are exhausted and the control tower can be shot at again. If an attacking force comes back and starts shooting it then once the armor and structure are shot away the control tower explodes and the bubble drops. All ships and structures inside the bubble are then targetable or unanchorable and can be stolen.

If the attacker does not re-appear after reinforced time is 0 then the owning corp can start to rep the control tower shields. Once above 50% it can be re-strontiumised and structures requiring CPU can be put back online.

If a tower has no strontium clathrates in it you will be able to tell if the shield drops to below 25% and doesn't go into reinforced mode. If you hit armor then it definitely has no strontium inside, in this case the tower will go boom after losing all shields, armor and structure.

Q - Dos an offline tower go into reinforced when sieged to 25% shield or does it have to be online?
A - It does have to be online to enter reinforced mode, if the tower is offline at the time it is attacked then it will not enter reinforced.

Q - How big is the force field (bubble) on a large tower?
A - 25km Radius from the Control Tower or 50km all way across.

Q - How far can I pull up the manage screen on a large tower?
A - You must be within 50km from the control tower to bring up the manage screen.

Q - Can I unanchor structures when the Control Tower is offline?
A - No, the control tower must be online to unanchor structures.

Q - What can I anchor in which security system?
A - See here

Q - Can I take over another corps POS/Control Tower?
A - Nope, the only thing you can do is blow it up, note: you need to war dec a corp to blow up an empire POS.

Q - Will Concord come to my rescue if a corp war decs me in high sec and someone attacks my POS?
A - Concord WILL come if they don't war dec you, Concord will NOT get involved if a corp war decs you.

Q - Can I rent my POS Labs out to the public?
A - No, not possible.

Q - Does a pos count toward sovereignty when in reinforced?
A - Yes, towers count for sov even when they're in reinforced mode.

Q - Can I use harvesters/reactors in high sec?
A - No, see this here for a list of what anchors where.