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EVE Online Guides by MMOGameGuide

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EVE Online Billionaire ISK Guide

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How to find an R&D agent

Your best agent may or may not be of the same race as you are so have a look at all races.  If you are a new character then yes start with your own race.

Steps to find an R&D Agent

Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar Other
Viziam Ishukone Corporation Creodron Boundless Creation Thukker Mix
Carthum Conglomerate Lai Dai Corporation Roden Shipyards Core Complexion Inc Khanid Innovation
  Kaalakiota Corporation Duvolle Laboratories   Nefantar Miner Association

You will then have a complete listing of which agents are available to you and which ones are not available to you.

Right clicking on one of those agents and doing a show info will allow you to see what areas they research in (on the agent info tab under Research Services).  Also you can right click and set destination, then look at map and see how far away they are.

Skills and Using R&D Agents FAQ

What skills do I need to do R&D?
  • Science L5
  • The relevant science skill to at least L1 in the area you are to research - IE if you research Laser Physics then you need Laser Physics to L1
What do R&D agents do for me?
  • Each day you gain a set number of RPs (Research Points) these RPs are determined by the level and quality of the R&D agent and by the science skill.
  • You can trade RPs for datacores which are used in invention
  • Each day you can do a mission for your R&D agent which will give you your daily RPs again.  So if you earn 69 RPs daily then doing the mission will give you an extra 69.
How can I get higher standings to move up levels?
  • Successfully complete missions for the CORPORATION which the R&D agent works for.
  • Train Connections & Social skills higher to improve standings.
How many agents can I research with?
  • One - then an additional 1 for every level of Research Project Management skill.
  • So highest amount is 6.
Can I pack in research with one agent and go work for another?
  • Yep just go talk to him/her and use up all your RPs by purchasing datacores as the RPs will be lost when you leave.
  • Then tell them you have had enough, then you can go sign up with another agent.
Can I research more than 1 area per agent?
  • No, only one at any one time, you can complete research, cash in your RPs for datacores, quit with the agent and then sign back up with the agent in a different field.
How are research points (RPs) distributed?
  • Racial Starship Engineering is x3 RPs but cost 150 RPs per datacore
  • Weapons are x2 but cost 100 RPs per datacore
  • Modules and others are x1 and cost only 50 RPs per datacore
  • But the cost of purchasing the datacores is also x3 x2 and x1 so in effect is you are researching in a starship field it's the same RPs per datacore as researching on modules.

Can I research more than one field with the same agent?
  • No you cannot, you can only research one field at any one time, although you can "cash in" one field and join up again with the same agent on another field. is an excellent resource for agent information.