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EVE Online Guides by MMOGameGuide

For anyone who is looking for a one-stop source of high-end EVE Online strategies, this guide pack offered at is highly recommended.

This EVE Online guide pack consist of 5 guides which highlights must-know tips for mining, PvP, ships, ISK-making and much more.
EVE Online Billionaire ISK Guide

If you want to make heaps of ISK and make them fast, then you shouldn't go without this EVE Online Billionaire ISK guide.

Featured in the guide are unique methods to earn lots of cash, from enhancing the common ways to advanced ISK-making strategies.

It's with great pleasure that Halada agreed for me put his guide on, without doubt one, if not the best mining guide available anywhere.

From the original PDF some of the page lengths have been changed to fit a web style and also to fit in with the website template.

The Complete Miner s Guide by Halada

An Introduction to Mining
News & Updates
Table of Contents

Mining 101
1.1 Asteroid Belts & Ores
1.2 Minerals
1.2.1 What Should I Mine Then?
1.3 The Beginning of a Miner's Career
1.3.1 Your First Ship
1.3.2 The Basic Mining Techniques
1.3.3 Industrial Ships
1.3.4 Joining a Corp
1.3.5 Selling your Ore
1.3.6 Your First Cruiser
1.4 The Different Mining Lasers

2. Refining
2.1 Calculating your Yield - cont...
2.2 Refining Implants
2.3 From Refining Yield to Reality

3. The Math System
3.1 Skill System
3.2 Cycles
3.2.1 Cycles and yield interaction
3.2.2 From Yield to Ore

4. Mining Barge or Battleship?
4.1 The Battleship Way
4.1.1 The Apocalypse
4.1.2 The Rokh
4.2 The Barge Way
4.2.1 The Retriever
4.2.2 The Covetor

5. Crystals - cont...
5.1 How do I Read my Yield ?

6. Achieving perfection
6.1 The Mindlink isn't broken
6.2 Upgrades for the riches

7. The Mighty Hulk
7.1 The Mighty Hulk's Tank
7.2 Payback time

8. Drones
8.1 What Drones Do For You
8.2 Minimizing the traveling time factor effect

9. Ice Mining
9.1 Figuring your Cycle Time
9.2 The Hulk or Covetor for Ice Mining ?

10. Mercoxit Mining
10.1 Is Mercoxit mining still hot?

11. Mining Foreman Links ­ Gang Mods
11.1 Mining Foreman Link ­ Ice Harvesting
11.2 Mining Foreman Link ­ Laser Optimization
11.3 Making them work

12. Rigs

13. Show me the money
13.1 Ore Values
13.2 Ice Values
13.3 And the winner is...
13.3.1 Drones help
13.4 The Miner's Uberness

14. The Rorqual ­ Big Mama ORE - Contd ....14.1 The Industrial Core..
14.2 Capital Tractor Beam
14.3 Clone VAT Bay
14.4 Fitting the Rorqual
14.5 Strategies
14.6 Setting up a remote mining camp
14.7 Logistics use

15. The role of carriers

16. Exploration and Gas Cloud Mining

17. Ship Setups

18. Links


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