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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

16. Exploration and Gas Cloud Mining

Although exploration does not fall within the scope of this guide, you should know there is a special area of EVE called exploration which requires you to probe exploration sites randomly across the universe to find various types of sites. Among those are mining sites, where you will often find juicy roids of all sort. Especially in 0.0, those are worth finding.

Finally, there is Gas Cloud Mining, a branch of mining that goes along exploration. Another area of EVE that can be highly profitable when proper skills are trained. The basics are: you fit Gas Cloud Harvesters on any ship with a turret slot (the Gas Harvesting skill allows the use of one harvester per level) to harvest gas from clouds found in gad cloud exploration sites and later use that gas in the process of manufacturing boosters (drugs). This can be apparently extremely lucrative, but it requires a lot of skills to begin with which have nothing to do with the mining profession, and you will also face nasty rats to begin with. Therefore some PvE is also involved.

I suggest you read Joerd's guide on exploration for a starter, and if you are further interested, seek out other resources. Eve-Online forums or are good places to start!

Joerd's Exploration Guide 2.0: