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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

15. The role of carriers

Is there is a section of the guide that was highly talked about in the last version it was this one. My previous position was that carriers should never be used as a mining platform, whereas I supported their use into supporting miners.

My position on the matter has more or less changed. Some people brought viable arguments to the table that were worth reconsidering my position.

Let's see what a carrier can bring in:

Ok, so 24mil ISK/hour for little effort... worth it? Yes, I think it can be.

I think it is imperative that if you have a carrier on hand, you use it to tank the belt, first and foremost. Whereas I wouldn't use a carrier over a Hulk, if you have both, it's worth considering. You'll notice a Thanatos on the cover page... I now use both Rorqual and Carrier when overseeing mining ops, simply because the carrier is a good tanker, and can punch quite a pack with fighters. If you pay attention to your intel channels, you should have plenty of time to warp miners to safety, recall your mining drones and assign fighters to your PvPers.

As anything, there will also be useful for logistic purposes, like setting up remote camps or simply supplying them, since they have the biggest jump range or capital ships (motherships aside...)

A word of caution though: solo, it's dangerous. They're not particularly quick and agile, and fighters are useless against smaller and fast ships. Just like we see ratting dreads fall, we see mining or ratting carriers fall as well. Whereas I would definitely consider a solo low-sec mothership mining ship (seeing how unstoppable they are at the moment), the same can't be said for carriers.

I invite you to further discuss those pros and cons on the forums, they make for interesting discussions.