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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

14.7 Logistics use

Although the Rorqual has a slightly smaller jump range than carriers, it can carry significantly more m3. Mine is set up like this:

2x Impel in ship maintenance bay (36000 m3 each with rigs and expanded cargo hold II)
1x Prorator in ship maintenance bay (10900 m3 with rigs and expanded cargo hold II)

Along the cargo room and corporation hangar, this is a total of 112 900 m3. A small freighter with jump capabilities, if you will. This will allow quite a big number of compressed ore to be transported, or any other ships or modules you might need to stock your POS. My Thanatos can only carry about 60 400 m3 for comparison's sake. So even though you might need to do an extra jump with the Rorqual to arrive to your destination, you can carry almost twice as much. You decide what works best for you!

In conclusion...

The Rorqual is a worthy addition to the ORE family. Surely, it isn't the solo pwnmobile some miners were hoping for, and it doesn't replace the need of Hulks, but it surely helps out in many areas and will make those remote systems a lot more attractive now.

The build cost of a Rorqual is around 1.4bil ISK. As any new items, the price they go at fellow supply and demand. Knowing what you know, it is your decision to take whether it's worth the price or not. It's quite apparent though that the Rorqual will not appeal to the solo miner, not without a private toon army at least. Solo the Rorqual is more than useless, keep this in mind when you train or want to get one.

Worth noting is its drone bay and damage output bonus. A skilled drone user can really do some damage with heavy drones II in this ship with Capital Industrial IV. 80% damage bonus? Ouchie...