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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

14.5 Strategies

There are many school of thoughts on how to use the Rorqual, but most of those can be
reunited into two categories:

1- Using the Rorqual in belt

2- Using the Rorqual at a POS

If using the Rorqual in belt, the biggest advantage you get is the ability to use capital tractor beams and therefore practically eliminating the need for any haulers. For some, this is one hell of an advantage. If you are in a safe environment, I would definitely use it this way. However, in pirated low-sec or hostile 0.0 systems, you must remember that when sieging your Rorqual, you need to wait 5 minutes for the cycle of the Industrial Core to end. Rorquals, like freighters, are very juicy targets, and pirates or hostiles will react to its presence. The Rorqual isn't particularly agile, and it's easy to lock it into place with a fast captor long enough for the bigger guns to take it down.

If you use it at a POS, you can siege it within the bubble, and worry only about compressing the ore.

This however involves haulers bringing the ore from the belt to the POS. You will still boost the miners as long as your fleet is properly set up, and still be able to use it to compress. This is what we see the most at the moment, since owners pay more than what the ship is currently worth to be in the top 25 pilots to ever own such a nice ship, and, in my opinion, is what I would also do at the present time.