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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

13.4 The Miner's Uberness

I admit, that's a lot of tables and information one two pages... the golden situation here, according to our tables would be a Hulk in God Mode boosted by a command ship pilot fitted with both the Laser Optimization and Drone Coordination Link (yes, a command ship can fit two links, as well as capital ships).

The approximate best ISK/hour ratio you can currently get at the moment, according to the theory, is around 63,000,000.00 ISK/hour mining Arknonor (of course with drones). For a refresher, one year ago, this was 112mil/hour. As you can see, mining is no longer the huge ISK generator it used to be. This is due to many factors, notably the new drone regions, the bigger number of Hulk users now, and how easier it is to mine remotely now.

This of course is theory, doesn't take in account hauling time from belt to station, the drone's traveling time, mining lasers stopping prematurely because the asteroid is popped, etc. Nonetheless, suffice to say, mining can be a very lucrative profession when you put the ISK, time and effort in training your character(s) properly.

I can already see players rushing to 0.0 space to try and get access to the good stuff. Unfortunately for you, 0.0 mining has its drawbacks: getting a 100% refining yield is difficult as there aren't that many NPC stations in 0.0. Furthermore, it is dangerous (much more so than Empire), although many consider 0.0 to be less dangerous than low-sec. Even when your ore is refined, you still need to bring it back to Empire to sell it, which poses a logistic problem.

This ends our 13th section. Feel free to come up with your own excel sheets and tables to figure out your own ratios with your current skill tree. You have all the information you will need to do so !