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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

13. Show me the money

This section will compare the different ships and the ISK/hour ratio they can achieve depending of what they are mining, as well as the values of the different ore types. First we must determine an average price for each mineral before we know the value of 1 unit of each ore.

13.1 Ore Values

Note that these average prices are just that : averages. The main goal of this section is to compare the general value of ores together. Mineral prices fluctuate on a daily basis, so feel free to come up with your own Excel sheet and change it as often as you need to to reflect the current market situation !

So section 1.2 explained which minerals are refined from each type of ore. Using that and the above selling values of each mineral, we can determine a pretty good approximate value for 1 unit of each type of ore.


Ok so now we have an approximate value for 1 unit of each type of ore. First thing that strikes is that high-ends truly are worth more than low-ends, but remember that not all these ore have the same volume, therefore to make a direct comparison, it is more accurate to compare how many ISK you are getting per m3 you mine. In the practical world we don't give a tiny rat's ass, but for statistical purposes, we do.

You will also notice that Mercoxit is grayed out, as Mercoxit mining uses a different bonus system with its crystals and its equipment, therefore a direct comparison with units or m3 isn't possible.

How can we generally interpret that table ? At the time of the release of this guide,

Omber is the best ore available in Empire
Hedbergite is the best ore available in Low-sec
Bistot and Arkonor are the best ores available in 0.0

Again, I cannot stress this enough: this is generally speaking and in 6 months from now this might not be true anymore. This is why I included the average selling values I used to determine that, so you can check for yourself if this table is still accurate or not. On a bigger scale of things, we can however conclude that Bistot, Arkonor and Crokite will always be the best ores available in 0.0. The price fluctuation of minerals in Empire might have them switch places among the top 3, but certainly not from second best to worse.