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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

11. Mining Foreman Links ­ Gang Mods

Gang mods were introduced in RMR and did not work properly. The laser optimization link (which is probably the most popular of all three) was silently fixed in a patch to reduce the cycle time instead of giving an actual bonus to the yield. This turns out in our favor, as a bonus to cycle time actually translates in a bigger bonus to our yield.

Enough mathematical babble for the moment, this table summarizes the three available mining foreman links :

As you see, the links alone do not offer any worthy bonuses, but thanks to some skills, they are in fact very powerful mods in the hand of a skilled pilot.

With the new squadron/wing/fleet system in Revelations, simply being ganged won't work anymore. You will need to create at least a squadron, and the pilot using the link must be the squadron commander. This is a big change, but the skill you will want to max out to max the effect of the links are also the ones you need to be squadron commander... so far so good ! The skills you will need to use a link:

Skills you will need: Leadership 5, Mining Foreman 5, Mining Director 1

These are the minimum skill requirements, but they do not all influence the effectiveness of the links. In fact, in this list, only Mining Director does. Remember the
Mining Foreman Mindlink I talked about in section 6? It pays off now ! Here's a table with the list of skills you want to max to level 5 to increase the effect of each link to its maximum:

Note that Warfare Link Specialist replaced the skill Squadron Command but everything works as before according to my tests.

So at Mining Director 5, Warfare Link Specialist 5 and the Mining Foreman Mindlink plugged in, the effect of each link will be:

2% * 5 * 1.5 * 1.5 = 22.5%

There were many misunderstandings as to how the Mining Director skill worked. Simply put, the base effect of the link is multiplied by the level you trained Mining Director at, which explains the "5" multiplier in the equation, instead of putting a "6" to factor a 500% bonus as most people would do.

Now that we know what you can train to max the effect and what each link do, let's look at each in details and see how they truly affect miners.