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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

7.1 The Mighty Hulk's Tank

As I suggested when introducing the Hulk, it's not only a good miner, it has a good tank as well. In fact, with the proper fittings, you CAN absolutely solo mine in 0.0 and tank the rats in the belts...

However, I suggest doing this at your own risk. I would NOT AFK solo mine in a Hulk, in case the tank fails somehow or you get ganked, it'll be 800mil ISK and more out the window in a very short time.

This is the setup I used with great success when mining solo in 0.0, until I decided it stressed me too much and I got a domi alt to tank for me !

3x T2 Strips

1x Gistii-A Small Shield Booster
1x Eutectic Cap Recharger
2x Gist-B NPC Specific Hardeners

2x MLU

There's a lot to be said about that setup ! First, this is the EXACT setup that works... you can replace the hardeners by the regular t1 named ones (for example, "Anointed I EM Ward Reinforcement"), but the rest must stay as it is. A T2 Cap recharger won't fit on there, the Eutectic is the only thing that will.

Second, don't even think about tanking in your half a billion ISK ship without proper engineering skills. You WILL absolutely need Electronics 5, and cap skills at level 4. This EXACT setup will leave you with 0 CPU (if it doesn't fit, try training Mining Upgrades a few level) so you must absolutely use faction stuff. The Gistii booster is the key to the whole thing!

Third, you need to stagger the strips (try an interval of 20 seconds) in order for the cap to sustain itself. You don't have to if you're using T1 strips though.

Finally, don't be afraid to lose a MLU and replace it with a PDU2, or better, a faction PDU (True Sansha/Dark Blood) to make it a little thougher. If you cannot afford all those mods, don't bother trying to tank in your Hulk. This sub-section was written to show you the Hulk is capable of tanking (and very well indeed), in fact, I tanked triple BS spawns with its cruisers escort... BUT, it is not invincible, and don't come crying to me if you blow it up !

Skills you should now have: Exhumer IV, Mining Barge V, Astrogeology V, Mining V, Mining Foreman V, Refining V, Refinery Efficiency V, Metallurgy IV, [Metal] Ore Processing IV