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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

2.2 Refining Implants

Revelations 2.2 introduced a new mining implant, the Hardwiring ­ Zainou `Beancounter' H60 , which reduces recycling waste by 4%. It requires Cybernetic V and can be found on contracts.

This implant will allow you to get a perfect refining yield of 100% in 0.0 with perfect skills, even with the most basic outpost (35%).

2.3 From Refining Yield to Reality

Ok so you know your yield, and now you want to calculate how much actual minerals you would get per batch after refining. If you know you will have a 100% refining yield and won't pay any taxes, then simply use the table in section 1.2.1 and you're ready to go! Chances are you won't, so I'll explain how it works. As always, using a concrete example helps, so let's do it again. Let's stay coherent and keep using our Omber example from earlier !

For every 500 units of Omber, you will get 307 units of Tritanium, 123 units of Pyerite and 307 units of Isogen for a perfect refine. But you determined your yield isn't perfect, and instead it's 88% (hypothetically). To know how much mineral you would get, you simply take 88% of each number. So in our case:

0.88 * 307 = 270.16 = 270 units of Tritanium
0.88 * 123 = 108.24 = 108 units of Pyerite
0.88 * 307 = 270.16 = 270 units of Isogen

EVE for some reason truncates all values dealing with mineral and ore. This means if you would end up with 270.98 units according to your calculations, you would still only get 270 units and not 271 as your mathematical instinct might believe.

If you need to pay any taxes on top of that (shown in the green rectangle from our screenshot above), you need to take it off now. Using our screenshot from above with a tax of 10%, we are left with:

(100%-10%) * 270 = 243 = 243 units of Tritanium
(100%-10%) * 108 = 97.2 = 97 units of Pyerite
(100%-10%) * 270 = 243 = 243 units of Isogen

So, we would end up with 243 units of Trit, 97 units of Pyer and 243 units of Isogen from our original batch of 500 in our hangar with a refining yield of 88% and a 10% tax.

If you mine named variations (+5%/+10%) of an ore, you have to factor that at the beginning of your calculations. So in our first calculation, if we are refining Silvery Omber (+5%) instead of regular Omber, we would calculate 88% of 307*1.05=322.35=322 units of Tritanium and not 88% of 307.

Of course there is an excellent ore calculator available online for those not so good with Excel or who are simply lazy!

That's all there is to it really. See... I told you it wasn't that bad !