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Welcome to, a website dedicated to explaining a few unexplained things about the eve-online MMO. My aim is to not only explain these things but to use videos to actually show you how to do them. I hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to post in the shoutbox or contact me in game.
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MMOGameGuide EVE Guide Review

This pack of EVE Online guides offered at is very much recommended for any serious EVE player. The pack, which consist of 5 guides: the ISK guide, PvP guide, mining guide, ships guide and the strategy guide, features unique strategies and expert recommendations when it comes to earning a reputation in deep space.

Anyone who have tried EVE Online just once, would understand how steep the learning curve is. Meaning, EVE Online is a very sophisticated and complicated game. Having personally gone through all the guides in this EVE Online guide pack, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable one-stop source of EVE strategies. All the guides are written in layman terms, making any difficult gaming concept easy to understand for just about anyone.

If you're just starting out, you will find the strategy guide a good place to start. As you advance further on, the other 4 guides takes your gaming experience to a whole new level. The PvP guide shows you how to easily overcome opponents with recommended PvP ship set-ups, skill training plans and much more. The ISK and mining guide is inarguable beneficial when it comes to making money in EVE Online. Offered in the guides are in-dept ISK making walkthroughs and strategies to triple your mining output.

With the vast variety of recommendations, techniques and strategies made available in these EVE guides by MMOGameGuide, both the new and experienced players will find the pack very helpful throughout their time in EVE Online.

EVE Online Billionaire ISK Guide Review

This guide is, quite obviously as the name states, recommended for anyone wanting to make heaps of ISK. If you're in search for an EVE Online guide that covers more than just money making, then the MMO Game Guide EVE Guide pack would be the better choice.

So what does this Billionaire ISK guide offer? In short it covers everything about making money in the game from the most common ISK-making methods to advanced ways to earn loads of cash. As you progress through the game, you would realize that ISK is your best friend and you can get nothing for free. This is where this ISK guide comes in, to help you earn serious cash.

The benefit of this ISK guide is in that it not only offers great strategies that work wonders but also strategies that can help anyone earn a lot of ISK in the shortest amount of time.

The EVE Online Billionaire ISK Guide comes as a download-able PDF and gets frequent updates. All information, strategies, tips and tricks offered in the guide are legal.

Eve Online: Tyrannis Expansion coming soon

Discover the new content coming to EVE Online at the Tyrannis feature site. Videos, concept art and descriptions of the major changes are now available, with more information and interviews on their way. Planetary Interaction and EVE Gate sections contain screenshots and links to the latest developer blogs. Visit the site and explore what's headed your way this May!

Small Changes

I've started make small changes to bring Eve-Guides up to date, these aren't listed on the right hand side menu as there's simply too many to list. I'm also looking into playing some Defiance in the coming months. You can find out more about the SciFi MMO here and here